1. rolled

adjective. ['ˈroʊld'] especially of petals or leaves in bud; having margins rolled inward.


  • involute


  • unconstipated
  • unsworn

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Rhymes with Rolled

  • undersold
  • withhold
  • oversold
  • fourfold
  • foretold
  • extolled
  • consoled
  • uphold
  • untold
  • unsold
  • unfold
  • twofold
  • resold
  • remold
  • outsold
  • machold
  • enfold
  • cajoled
  • behold
  • scold
  • paroled
  • ahold
  • wold
  • vold
  • tolled
  • told
  • sold
  • roald
  • polled
  • nolde

Sentences with rolled

1. Adjective
Remove the rolled cake pop balls from the freezer.

2. Verb, past tense
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Combine 1 3/4 cups of rice flour with 1 cup rolled oats.

3. Verb, past participle
Apply glue to the rolled track and glue it to the open space to complete your closure.

4. Noun, singular or mass
It has good machinability qualities as well as serviceable welding qualities, whether in the rolled or normalized condition.

Quotes about rolled

1. Will rolled up his sleeves. "We'll probably have to knock down the door--""Or,"said Jem, reaching out and giving the knob a twist, "not."The door swung open onto a rectangle of darkness. "Now, that's simply laziness,"said Will.
- Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

2. I have an interesting perspective on depending on others. I think it gives people a chance to serve. And I'm not so much big on independence, as I am on interdependence. I'm not talking about co-dependency, I'm talking about giving people the opportunity to practicing love with its sleeves rolled up.
- Joni Eareckson Tada

3. You so need to lighten up about that potato-launcher incident,"Butch said.Phury rolled his eyes and eased back in the banquette. "You broke my window.""Of course we did. V and I were aiming for it.""Twice.""Thus proving that he and I are outstanding marksmen.
- J.R. Ward, Lover Unbound

2. rolled

adjective. ['ˈroʊld'] rolled up and secured.


  • bound


  • stand still
  • free

3. rolled

adjective. ['ˈroʊld'] uttered with a trill.


  • rolling
  • pronounceable


  • uncertain
  • unoriented
  • untreated