1. restructure

verb. ['riːˈstrʌktʃɝ'] construct or form anew or provide with a new structure.


  • structure

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Sentences with restructure

1. Noun, singular or mass
Sole proprietors must get bank loans or restructure the business to bring in new investors.

2. Verb, base form
You can restructure contracts or increase prices if your company is not making enough money on its services.

Quotes about restructure

1. The reassuring smile was now useless. I was plastic. Everything was veiled. Objectivity, facts, hard information--these were things only in the outline stage. There was nothing tying anything together yet, so the mind built up a defense, and the evidence was restructured, and that was what I tried to do on that morning--to restructure the evidence so it made sense--and that is what I failed at.
- Bret Easton Ellis, Lunar Park