1. respectively

adverb. ['rɪˈspɛktɪvli'] in the order given.

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Rhymes with Respectively

  • retrospectively
  • prospectively
  • selectively
  • protectively
  • objectively
  • collectively
  • effectively
  • affectively

How do you pronounce respectively?

Pronounce respectively as rɪˈspɛktɪvli.

US - How to pronounce respectively in American English

UK - How to pronounce respectively in British English

Sentences with respectively

1. Adverb
Those in the Midwest made $46,000 to $63,000 in South Dakota and Minnesota, respectively.

Quotes about respectively

1. [Myrnin to Claire about their costumes of Pierrot and Harlequin, respectively]"Don't they teach you anything in your schools?""Not about this.""Pity. I suppose that's what comes of your main education flowing from Google.
- Rachel Caine, Feast of Fools

2. Why?' is always the most difficult question to answer. You know where you are when someone asks you 'What's the time?' or 'When was the battle of 1066?' or 'How do these seatbelts work that go tight when you slam the brakes on, Daddy?' The answers are easy and are, respectively, 'Seven-thirty in the evening,' 'Ten-fifteen in the morning,' and 'Don't ask stupid questions.
- Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

3. The very nature of the quantum theory ... forces us to regard the space-time coordination and the claim of causality, the union of which characterizes the classical theories, as complementary but exclusive features of the description, symbolizing the idealization of observation and description, respectively.
- Niels Bohr