1. repulsive

adjective. ['riːˈpʌlsɪv'] offensive to the mind.


  • repugnant
  • obscene
  • offensive
  • abhorrent


  • good
  • palatable
  • pleasant
  • defensive

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Rhymes with Repulsive

  • convulsive
  • compulsive
  • impulsive

Sentences with repulsive

1. Adjective
Bagworms are as repulsive as they sound.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Most mammals, including raccoons, find the pungent odor of this relative of the onion repulsive.

Quotes about repulsive

1. It's amazing how people can sound like retards when they're talking to their girlfriend, especially if they really love her a lot. Because when you're just fucking someone you make a point of keeping your cool, but when you're really in love - it can sound pretty repulsive.
- Etgar Keret, The Nimrod Flipout: Stories

2. Why do they blame me for all their little failings? They use my name as if I spent my entire days sitting on their shoulders, forcing them to commits acts they would otherwise find repulsive. 'The devil made me do it.' I have never made one of them do anything. Never. They live their own tiny lives. I do not live their lives for them.
- Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 4: Season of Mists

2. repulsive

adjective. ['riːˈpʌlsɪv'] so extremely ugly as to be terrifying.


  • ugly


  • clean
  • decent

3. repulsive

adjective. ['riːˈpʌlsɪv'] possessing the ability to repel.


  • repulsive force


  • attraction
  • lovable