1. reproductive

adjective. ['ˌriːprəˈdʌktɪv'] producing new life or offspring.


  • procreative
  • generative


  • unproductive
  • sterile
  • consumptive

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Rhymes with Reproductive

  • superconductive
  • reconstructive
  • photoconductive
  • nonproductive
  • unproductive
  • constructive
  • obstructive
  • instructive
  • destructive
  • conductive
  • seductive

Sentences with reproductive

1. Adjective
The female reproductive system of the koala is much different than that of placental mammals.

Quotes about reproductive

1. There's a misconception that survival of the fittest means survival of the most aggressive. The adjective 'Darwinian' used to refer to ruthless competition; you used to read that in business journals. But that's not what Darwinian means to a biologist; it's whatever leads to reproductive success.
- Steven Pinker

2. I want to be asexual, because then I could be more productive. But not reproductive.
- Jarod Kintz, I Want Two apply for a job at our country's largest funeral home, and then wear a suit and noose to the job interview.