1. replacing

noun. ['rɪˈpleɪsɪŋ'] the act of furnishing an equivalent person or thing in the place of another.


  • supersession
  • pitching change
  • displacement
  • supersedure
  • supplanting
  • exchange
  • commutation
  • substitution
  • replacement

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Rhymes with Replacing

  • misplacing
  • displacing
  • retracing
  • embracing
  • defacing
  • debasing
  • tracing
  • spacing
  • gracing
  • erasing
  • effacing
  • bracing
  • racing
  • pasing
  • pacing
  • facing
  • chasing
  • casing
  • basing

Sentences with replacing

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
This is enough to substitute for one egg, so double the quantities if you are replacing two.

Quotes about replacing

1. My parents had torn through my innocence and left me with a tar-like substance that was corrupting what was left of me. I could feel it at night; slithering and curling around my soul as it slowly devoured me. It was draining my energy and replacing it with an evil I was afraid to confront.
- J.D. Stroube, Caged in Darkness

2. The Squeaky Wheel The squeaky wheel ~will put you $374.43 in the holeafter replacing the brake pad, rotorsand $500 with a new master cylinder.
- Beryl Dov