1. repetitious

adjective. ['ˌrɛpəˈtɪʃəs'] characterized by repetition.


  • iterative
  • repetitive


  • sporadic

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Rhymes with Repetitious

  • superstitious
  • expeditious
  • surreptitious
  • injudicious
  • suspicious
  • propitious
  • nutritious
  • fictitious
  • factitious
  • capricious
  • seditious
  • pernicious
  • malicious
  • judicious
  • delicious
  • auspicious
  • ambitious
  • vicious

Sentences with repetitious

1. Adjective
Maybe you’re tired of the same, repetitious method that goes into it.

Quotes about repetitious

1. I believe in political solutions to political problems. But man's primary problems aren't political; they're philosophical. Until humans can solve their philosophical problems, they're condemned to solve their political problems over and over and over again. It's a cruel, repetitious bore.
- Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues