1. reluctance

noun. ['rɪˈlʌktəns, riːˈlʌktəns'] (physics) opposition to magnetic flux (analogous to electric resistance).


  • receptiveness

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  • inductance

Sentences with reluctance

1. Noun, singular or mass
Once they get use to them they should show no reluctance toward carrots or any other vegetable.

2. Verb, base form
Signs of rectal tears are rectal bleeding, straining to defecate and reluctance to defecate.

Quotes about reluctance

1. But then, life is a constant withering of possibilities. Some are stolen with the lives of people you love. Others are let go, with regret and reluctance and deep, deep sorrow. But there is compensation for lives unlived in the intoxicating joy of knowing that the life you have - right here, right now - if the one you have chosen. There is power in that, and hope.
- Emily Maguire, Taming the Beast

2. What we're learning in our schools is not the wisdom of life. We're learning technologies, we're getting information. There's a curious reluctance on the part of faculties to indicate the life values of their subjects.
- Joseph Campbell

2. reluctance

noun. ['rɪˈlʌktəns, riːˈlʌktəns'] a certain degree of unwillingness.


  • unwillingness
  • disinclination
  • indisposition
  • hesitation
  • involuntariness
  • sloth
  • slothfulness


  • confidence
  • liking
  • inclination
  • wellness