1. relevance

noun. ['ˈrɛləvəns'] the relation of something to the matter at hand.


  • point
  • pertinence
  • materiality
  • connectedness
  • relevancy
  • applicability
  • connexion
  • cogency
  • pertinency


  • unconnectedness
  • inapplicability
  • immateriality
  • unrelatedness

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Rhymes with Relevance

  • abeyance
  • abhorrence
  • absence
  • abstinence
  • abundance
  • acceptance
  • acceptance
  • accordance
  • acquaintance
  • acquiescence
  • adherence
  • admittance
  • adolescence
  • adolescence
  • adriance
  • affluence
  • agence
  • allegiance
  • alliance
  • allowance

Sentences with relevance

1. Noun, singular or mass
Whatever you choose to start with, make certain to reference and explain its relevance somewhere in the essay.

Quotes about relevance

1. Refuse to accept the belief that your professional relevance, career success or financial security turns on the next update on the latest technology. Sometimes it's good to put the paddle down and just let the canoe glide.
- Simon Mainwaring

2. Does something which exists on the edge have no true relevance to the stable center, or does it, by being on the edge, become a part of the edge and thus a part of the boundary, the definition which gives the whole its shape?
- Lucy Grealy

3. Medical training taught me the art of breaking down the complex maze of stories, symbols and rituals into clear systems. You could say that it helped me figure out the anatomy and physiology of mythology and its relevance in a society more incisively. How is it that no society can, or does, exist without them?
- Devdutt Pattanaik