1. relaxing

adjective. ['rɪˈlæksɪŋ, riːˈlæksɪŋ'] affording physical or mental rest.


  • reposeful
  • slumbrous
  • slumberous


  • awake
  • unsatisfied
  • discontent
  • discontented

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Rhymes with Relaxing

  • waxing
  • taxing
  • faxing

Sentences with relaxing

1. Noun, singular or mass
Traveling by train can be a relaxing and convenient way to get around the country.

2. Adjective
This will help to reduce your overall stress level and set the stage for a more relaxing flight.

3. Verb, gerund or present participle
Participants moved their abdominal wall against some resistance while relaxing the muscles in the chest and between the ribs.

Quotes about relaxing

1. I've got an overactive brain. I enjoy work, I enjoy life, and I'm not good at relaxing. I've also never slept very much due to this overactive imagination and my brain constantly thinking.
- Rick Wakeman

2. It's very important that we re-learn the art of resting and relaxing. Not only does it help prevent the onset of many illnesses that develop through chronic tension and worrying; it allows us to clear our minds, focus, and find creative solutions to problems.
- Thich Nhat Hanh

3. The difference between theism and nontheism is not whether one does or does not believe in God. . . Theism is a deep-seated conviction that there's some hand to hold: if we just do the right things, someone will appreciate us and take care of us. . . Nontheism is relaxing with the ambiguity and uncertainty of the present moment without reaching for anything to protect ourselves.
- Pema Chödrön