1. regretful

adjective. ['rɪˈgrɛtfəl'] feeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone.


  • penitent
  • sorry
  • repentant


  • unrepentant
  • impenitent
  • favorable
  • obedient


  • -ful (English)
  • regret (English)
  • regretten (Middle English (1100-1500))

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Rhymes with Regretful

  • forgetful
  • fretful

Sentences with regretful

1. Verb, base form
You may feel worthless or regretful about the loss of what you hoped would be a good marriage.

2. Adjective
When you are feeling sad or regretful of letting this person go, read the list.

3. Noun, singular or mass
Missing a day trip to Ha Long Bay is borderline regretful.

Quotes about regretful

1. Until you learn how to confidently say NO to so many things, you shall always say YES to so many things. The real summary of a regretful life is a life that failed to balance YES and NO. Yes! A life that failed to recognize when to courageously say NO and when to confidently say YES!
- Ernest Agyemang Yeboah