1. regaining

noun. ['rɪˈgeɪnɪŋ'] getting something back again.


  • clawback
  • restitution
  • return
  • restoration


  • illiteracy
  • ground stroke
  • volley
  • clear

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Rhymes with Regaining

  • constraining
  • restraining
  • overtraining
  • explaining
  • complaining
  • sustaining
  • retraining
  • refraining
  • maintaining
  • entertaining
  • disdaining
  • containing
  • campaigning
  • ascertaining
  • abstaining
  • straining
  • retaining
  • remaining
  • pertaining
  • ordaining
  • obtaining
  • detaining
  • training
  • staining
  • draining
  • attaining
  • waning
  • reining
  • reigning
  • raining

Sentences with regaining

1. Verb, base form
When you feel flustered, the key to regaining your composure is breathing.

2. Verb, gerund or present participle
And when that happens, you could end up regaining the weight you lost.

Quotes about regaining

1. The end then of learning is to repair the ruins of our first parents by regaining to know God aright, and out of that knowledge to love him, to imitate him, to be like him, as we may the nearest by possessing our souls of true virtue, which being united to the heavenly grace of faith makes up the highest perfection.
- John Milton, Milton on Education, the Tractate of Education,: With Supplementary Extracts from Other Writings of Milton