1. redeemed

adjective. ['rɪˈdiːmd'] saved from the bondage of sin.


  • ransomed


  • cursed
  • unregenerate

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Words that Rhyme with Redeemed

  • undreamed
  • streamed
  • screamed
  • esteemed
  • steamed
  • schemed
  • gleamed
  • dreamed
  • creamed
  • themed
  • teamed
  • seemed
  • beamed

Example sentences of the word redeemed

1. Verb, past participle
Mutual funds also have to buy and sell securities to meet the needs of shares sold and redeemed.

Quotes containing the word redeemed

1. We can be redeemed only to the extent to which we see ourselves.
- Martin Buber

2. Redeemed humanity is still young, it has hardly come to its full strength. But already there is joy enough in the little finger of a great saint such as yonder lady to waken all the dead things of the universe into life.
- C.S. Lewis

3. That’s the biggest purpose of religious gathering: permission to look terrible in public. We used to go to church to confess our worst behaviour, to be heard and forgiven, then to be redeemed and accepted back into our communityChuck Palahniuk in interview with TMO
- Chuck Palahniuk