1. rapidly

adverb. ['ˈræpədli'] with rapid movements.


  • quickly
  • speedily
  • chop-chop


  • slow
  • tardily
  • easy
  • lento


  • -ly (English)
  • -lice (Old English (ca. 450-1100))
  • rapid (English)
  • rapidus (Latin)

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Rhymes with Rapidly

  • absurdly
  • acidly
  • admittedly
  • advisedly
  • advisedly
  • allegedly
  • assertedly
  • assuredly
  • avidly
  • avowedly
  • awkwardly
  • badly
  • baldly
  • belatedly
  • blandly
  • blessedly
  • blindly
  • boldly
  • broadly
  • candidly

How do you pronounce rapidly?

Pronounce rapidly as ˈræpədli.

US - How to pronounce rapidly in American English

UK - How to pronounce rapidly in British English

Sentences with rapidly

1. Adverb
The airplane then starts building up speed rapidly and the throttles are steadily pushed to full power for takeoff.

Quotes about rapidly

1. I clench his hands to the point of pain. "Stay with me."His pupils contract to pinpoints, dialate again rapidly, and then return to something resembling normalcy. "Always,"he murmurs.
- Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay

2. Technology is a compulsive and addictive way to live. Verbal communication cannot be lost because of a lack of skill. The ability to listen and learn is key to mastering the art of communication. If you don't use your verbal skills and networking, it will disappear rapidly. Use technology wisely.
- Rick Pitino

3. Communication is a skill that you can learn. It's like riding a bicycle or typing. If you're willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of evry part of your life.
- Brian Tracy