1. ranger

noun. ['ˈreɪndʒɝ'] an official who is responsible for managing and protecting an area of forest.


  • fireman
  • functionary
  • forest fire fighter
  • firefighter
  • official
  • fire fighter
  • coyote
  • fire-eater


  • draftee
  • volunteer
  • female
  • juvenile

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Rhymes with Ranger

  • exchanger
  • endanger
  • manger
  • danger
  • changer

How do you pronounce ranger?

Pronounce ranger as ˈreɪnʤər.

US - How to pronounce ranger in American English

UK - How to pronounce ranger in British English

Sentences with ranger

1. Noun, singular or mass
You should check with the individual ranger district for such limitations and information on current conditions.

Quotes about ranger

1. She'll be back,"Ranger said. "But not tonight."[Stephanie] "How'd you get her to leave?""Told her I was gonna spend the next twelve hours ruining you for all other men, and so she might as well go home."I could feel the heat rush to my face.Ranger gave me the wolf smile. "I lied about it being tonight,"he said.
- Janet Evanovich, Four to Score

2. I don't have a lot of domestic instincts,"Ranger said to me, his attention fixing on the unidentifiable glob in my hair, "but I have a real strong urge to take you home and hose you down."I went dry mouth. Connie bit into her lower lip, and Lula fanned herself with a file.
- Janet Evanovich, Eleven on Top

3. Ranger locked eyes with me. "Please,"he said.Tank and Hal were goggle-eyed. They weren't used to "please."I wasn't used to it either. But I liked it. Okay,"I said. "Be careful. He's insane.
- Janet Evanovich

2. ranger

noun. ['ˈreɪndʒɝ'] a member of a military unit trained as shock troops for hit-and-run raids.


  • man
  • serviceman
  • military personnel
  • commando


  • unofficial
  • unauthorized
  • unestablished
  • irregular

3. Ranger

noun. a member of the Texas state highway patrol; formerly a mounted lawman who maintained order on the frontier.


  • Texas Ranger
  • peace officer
  • law officer