1. rampant

adjective. ['ˈræmpənt'] unrestrained and violent.


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Rhymes with Rampant

  • abandonment
  • abatement
  • aberrant
  • abhorrent
  • abortifacient
  • abridgement
  • absent
  • absorbent
  • abstinent
  • abundant
  • accelerant
  • accident
  • accompaniment
  • accompaniment
  • accomplishment
  • accountant
  • accouterment
  • accoutrement
  • achievement
  • acknowledgement

How do you pronounce rampant?

Pronounce rampant as ˈræmpənt.

US - How to pronounce rampant in American English

UK - How to pronounce rampant in British English

Sentences with rampant

1. Adjective
However, ajuga can be invasive and run rampant, taking over large areas of a landscape.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Tuberculosis also ran rampant during some periods as did smallpox.

3. Verb, base form
Downloading music from peer-to-peer networks (P2P) like Limewire will expose your computer to rampant viral infections.

Quotes about rampant

1. He was mastered by the sheer surging of life, the tidal wave of being, the perfect joy of each separate muscle, joint, and sinew in that it was everything that was not death, that it was aglow and rampant, expressing itself in movement, flying exultantly under the stars.
- Jack London, The Call of the Wild

2. I could do with a bit more excess. From now on I'm going to be immoderate--and volatile--I shall enjoy loud music and lurid poetry. I shall be rampant.
- Joanne Harris, Chocolat

2. rampant

adjective. ['ˈræmpənt'] (of a plant) having a lush and unchecked growth.


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3. rampant

adjective. ['ˈræmpənt'] rearing on left hind leg with forelegs elevated and head usually in profile.


  • erect
  • upright
  • vertical


  • soft
  • horizontal
  • inclined
  • unrighteous