1. rabid

adjective. ['ˈræbɪd, ˈreɪbɪd'] marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea.


  • fanatic
  • overzealous
  • fanatical


  • cold
  • unemotional
  • unloving
  • unenthusiastic

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Rhymes with Rabid

  • abid
  • rabid

How do you pronounce rabid?

Pronounce rabid as ˈræbɪd.

US - How to pronounce rabid in American English

UK - How to pronounce rabid in British English

Sentences with rabid

1. Adjective
Do not approach any animal that you suspect is rabid*.

*Noun, singular or mass

Rabies is a contagious and dangerous disease and is usually transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal.

3. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Your pup can experience both anxiety when you leave and rabid enthusiasm when you come home.

Quotes about rabid

1. Here is a list of terrible things,The jaws of sharks, a vultures wingsThe rabid bite of the dogs of war,The voice of one who went before,But most of all the mirror's gaze,Which counts us out our numbered days.
- Clive Barker, Days of Magic, Nights of War

2. On a grander scale, when a society segregates itself, the consequences affect the economy, the emotions, and the ecology. That's one reason why it's easy for pro-lifers to eat factory-raised animals that disrespect everything sacred about creation. And that is why it's easy for rabid environmentalists to hate chainsaws even though they snuggle into a mattress supported by a black walnut bedstead.
- Joel Salatin, Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front

3. New York City [10w] + [10w] + {Couplet} In fast-paced New York Cityeven the bubbling brooks babble.The Hudson and East River run rabid,skirting the rabble
- Beryl Dov