1. quirky

adjective. ['ˈkwɝːki'] informal terms; strikingly unconventional.


  • offbeat
  • far-out
  • unconventional
  • kinky


  • unconventionality
  • unoriginal
  • regular
  • straight

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Example sentences of the word quirky

1. Verb, past participle
Don't use your personal stationery if it's too frilly or has quirky designs or colors.

2. Adjective
Many dogs have a quirky habit of getting into trouble when no one is watching.

Quotes containing the word quirky

1. I really love middle-grade. Middle-grade books have a little more of a magical, light-hearted feel. You can be a little bit more quirky, you can have a little more humor. It doesn't get so dark and deep.
- James Dashner

2. I like doing comedy, I like doing drama. Naturally I like to do, I like doing dramas, I like conflict, and when I do a comedy, you know, I've found that, like, romantic comedy is the trickiest one, because often it's neither: it's not romantic and it's not funny. So, like, I like a comedy that's biting. It's biting humor or really quirky humor.
- Matt Dillon

3. I need a woman to have a quirky sense of humor. There's a bunch of jokes I use, and if she doesn't get them, she's probably not for me.
- Matthew Perry