1. quickest

adverb. ['ˈkwɪkɪst'] most quickly.

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Words that Rhyme with Quickest

  • thickest

Example sentences of the word quickest

1. Adjective, superlative
and she'll get you on the quickest route before you have your shoes on.

Quotes containing the word quickest

1. The quickest way to defuse fear or insecurity or anger is usually humor. I think comics figure that out quickly, and, once you figure it out, you think, 'Hey, if I can do this and get paid, that would be kind of cool.'
- Billy Gardell

2. The quickest way to rectify that mistake (choosing the wrong person) is by learning from that, moving on, and choosing much more wisely in the future.
- Greg Behrendt, He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys

3. I remember her words about remembering my words, and that’s when it hit me: the quickest way to scalpel open a heart is with a declaration of love.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE