1. purse

noun. ['ˈpɝːs'] a container used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women).


  • container
  • clutch bag
  • clasp
  • clutch
  • evening bag
  • shoulder bag
  • reticule
  • handbag
  • bag
  • pocketbook


  • unbuckle
  • unfasten
  • let go of
  • outfield

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Rhymes with Purse

  • transverse
  • intersperse
  • biodiverse
  • reimburse
  • traverse
  • submerse
  • disperse
  • disburse
  • converse
  • reverse
  • rehearse
  • perverse
  • obverse
  • inverse
  • diverse
  • adverse
  • immerse
  • emerse
  • coerce
  • averse
  • worse
  • verse
  • vers
  • terse
  • scearce
  • perse
  • pers
  • perce
  • pearse
  • nurse

How do you pronounce purse?

Pronounce purse as pərs.

US - How to pronounce purse in American English

UK - How to pronounce purse in British English

Sentences with purse

1. Noun, singular or mass
Whenever you are not using this purse you will want to store your bag in its dustcloth.

2. Verb, base form
Sit up straight and purse your lips.

Quotes about purse

1. I want to see you.Know your voice.Recognize you when youfirst come 'round the corner.Sense your scent when I come into a room you've just left.Know the lift of your heel,the glide of your foot.Become familiar with the way you purse your lipsthen let them part, just the slightest bit,when I lean in to your spaceand kiss you.I want to know the joy of how you whisper "more
- Rumi

2. I inherited this country when I was only a child, Nahuseresh. I have held it. I have fought down rebellious barons. I've fought Sounis to keep the land on this side of the mountains. I have killed men and watched them hang. I've seen them tortured to keep this country safe and mine. How did you think I did this if I was a fool with cow eyes for any handsome man with gold in his purse?
- Megan Whalen Turner, The Queen of Attolia

2. purse-proud

adjective. proud or arrogant because of your wealth (especially in the absence of other distinction).


  • modest

3. sea-purse

noun. the seaward undercurrent created after waves have broken on the shore.


  • undercurrent
  • undertide
  • undertow
  • sea-puss
  • sea puss
  • sea purse

4. purse-string_operation

noun. a surgical procedure in which a suture is used to close the cervix in a pregnant woman; is performed when the cervix has failed to retain previous pregnancies.


  • surgical process
  • operation
  • Shirodkar's operation
  • surgery
  • surgical procedure


  • major surgery
  • serial operation
  • asynchronous operation
  • synchronous operation

5. purse

verb. ['ˈpɝːs'] contract one's lips into a rounded shape.


  • pooch
  • round off
  • pooch out
  • round


  • standard
  • nonstandard
  • negativeness
  • negativity

6. purse

noun. ['ˈpɝːs'] a small bag for carrying money.


  • purse string


  • unpack
  • deprive

7. purse

noun. ['ˈpɝːs'] a sum of money spoken of as the contents of a money purse.


  • amount
  • sum
  • amount of money


  • thin
  • reduce
  • exact
  • loss

8. purse

noun. ['ˈpɝːs'] a sum of money offered as a prize.


  • amount
  • sum
  • amount of money


  • angular
  • praise
  • top
  • bottom

9. purse

verb. ['ˈpɝːs'] gather or contract into wrinkles or folds; pucker.


  • wrinkle


  • increase
  • adequacy