1. pugnacious

adjective. ['pəgˈnæʃɪs'] tough and callous by virtue of experience.


  • tough
  • hard-bitten


  • edible
  • delicate
  • inexperienced

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Words that Rhyme with Pugnacious

  • rapacious

Example sentences of the word pugnacious

1. Adjective
A pugnacious dog turned loose in the garden may also keep them away.

Quotes containing the word pugnacious

1. Among peoples who possess a highly developed pugnacious instinct we find the greatest progress in the arts, sciences, social and political organization, commerce and industry. The instinct takes the milder form of rivalry which is the motive force of the great portion of the serious labors of mankind.
- Holly Estil Cunningham, An Introduction to Philosophy

2. pugnacious

adjective. ['pəgˈnæʃɪs'] ready and able to resort to force or violence.


  • rough


  • soft
  • raw