1. psychoanalytic

adjective. ['ˌsaɪkoʊˌænəˈlɪtɪk'] of or relating to or incorporating the methods and theory of psychiatric treatment originated by Sigmund Freud.

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Rhymes with Psychoanalytic

  • hermaphroditic
  • electrolytic
  • thrombolytic
  • porphyritic
  • parasitic
  • paralytic
  • hemolytic
  • halophytic
  • dendritic
  • catalytic
  • palmitic
  • granitic
  • arthritic
  • soditic
  • semitic
  • hamitic
  • cushitic
  • neritic
  • critic
  • zitek
  • citic
  • chittick
  • bittick

Sentences with psychoanalytic

1. Adjective
Treat the text or work before you as your psychoanalytic patient.

Quotes about psychoanalytic

1. How do we account for this paradox that the absence of Law universalizes prohibition ... The psychoanalytic name for this obscene injunction for this obscene call, ENJOY, is superego. The problem today is not how to get rid of your inhibitions and to be able to spontaneously enjoy. The problem is how to get rid of this injunction to enjoy.
- Slavoj Žižek