1. proximity

noun. ['prɑːkˈsɪməti'] the property of being close together.


  • nearness
  • propinquity


  • thereness
  • nonexistence
  • absence

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  • unanimity

How do you spell proximity? Is it promixity ?

A common misspelling of proximity is promixity

Example sentences of the word proximity

1. Noun, singular or mass
In close proximity to the amphitheater is a visitor's center.

Quotes containing the word proximity

1. We would never call inexplicable little insights 'hunches,' for fear of drawing the universe's attention. But they happened, and you knew you had been in the proximity of one that had come through if you saw a detective kiss his or her fingers and touch his or her chest where a pendant to Warsha, patron saint of inexplicable inspirations, would, theoretically, hang.
- China Miéville, The City & the City

2. proximity

noun. ['prɑːkˈsɪməti'] the region close around a person or thing.


  • neck of the woods
  • vicinity
  • front
  • neighborhood
  • neighbourhood
  • locality


  • last
  • aft
  • back
  • posterior

3. proximity

noun. ['prɑːkˈsɪməti'] a Gestalt principle of organization holding that (other things being equal) objects or events that are near to one another (in space or time) are perceived as belonging together as a unit.


  • law of proximity
  • Gestalt principle of organization


  • absent
  • present
  • nonattendance