1. proclivity

noun. ['proʊˈklɪvəti'] a natural inclination.


  • tendency
  • disposition
  • inclination
  • propensity


  • vertical
  • disinclination
  • impartiality
  • partiality


  • proclivitas (Latin)

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Rhymes with Proclivity

  • superconductivity
  • radioactivity
  • insensitivity
  • progressivity
  • productivity
  • exclusivity
  • conductivity
  • selectivity
  • relativity
  • reactivity
  • negativity
  • creativity
  • festivity
  • captivity
  • nativity
  • activity

Sentences with proclivity

1. Noun, singular or mass
However, a small but notable number of cases develop in individuals who have no genetic proclivity.

Quotes about proclivity

1. I was drawn to horses as if they were magnets. It was in my blood. I must have inherited from my grandfather a genetic proclivity toward the equine species. Perhaps there's a quirk in the DNA that makes horse people different from everyone else, that instantly divides humanity into those who love horses and the others, who simply don't know.
- Allan J. Hamilton, Zen Mind, Zen Horse: The Science and Spirituality of Working with Horses

2. By necessity, by proclivity, and by delight, we all quote.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson