Premises Past Tense

The past tense of Premises is premised.

1. premises

noun. ['ˈprɛməsəz'] land and the buildings on it.


Rhymes with Premises

  • accomplices
  • advances
  • alices
  • alliances
  • amaryllises
  • ambulances
  • amenaces
  • apparatuses
  • appearances
  • appliances
  • asses
  • audiences
  • audiences
  • balances
  • bases
  • blockhouses
  • blouses
  • boxes
  • braces
  • businesses

How do you pronounce premises?

Pronounce premises as ˈprɛməsəz.

US - How to pronounce premises in American English

UK - How to pronounce premises in British English

How do you spell premises? Is it premesis ?

A common misspelling of premises is premesis

Sentences with premises

1. Noun, plural
He cannot be forced to work during the meal break or be required to stay on the premises.