1. predator

noun. ['ˈprɛdətɝ'] any animal that lives by preying on other animals.


  • animal
  • predatory animal
  • creature
  • fauna
  • animate being
  • carnivore
  • beast


  • male
  • humane
  • mental
  • flora


  • praedator (Latin)
  • praedor (Latin)

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  • creditor
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How do you pronounce predator?

Pronounce predator as ˈprɛdətər.

US - How to pronounce predator in American English

UK - How to pronounce predator in British English

Example sentences of the word predator

1. Noun, singular or mass
Flamingos migrate when food runs low or some disturbance takes place such as the appearance of a predator.

Quotes containing the word predator

1. I'm a girl of extremes. When I love something, I'm like a puppy dog (without all the licking). When I'm cranky, I'm a wasp (like a whole hive of 'em). And when I'm angry, I'm a Mother Bear with a predator after her cubs: Dangerous.
- James Patterson, Fang

2. I wonder that religion can live or die on the strength of a faint, stirring breeze. The scent trail shifts, causing the predator to miss the pounce. One god draws in the breath of life and rises; another god expires.
- Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

2. predator

noun. ['ˈprɛdətɝ'] someone who attacks in search of booty.


  • moss-trooper
  • attacker
  • assailant
  • assaulter
  • marauder
  • aggressor
  • piranha


  • praedator (Latin)
  • praedor (Latin)