1. polyvinyl-formaldehyde

noun. a polymer of vinyl formaldehyde.


  • inelastic

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Rhymes with Polyvinyl Chloride

How do you pronounce polyvinyl chloride?

Pronounce polyvinyl chloride as ˌpɑliˈvaɪnəl ˈklɔraɪd.

US - How to pronounce polyvinyl chloride in American English

UK - How to pronounce polyvinyl chloride in British English

Sentences with polyvinyl-chloride

1. Noun Phrase
Wipe the sanded polyvinyl chloride with a tack cloth.

2. Noun Phrase
The result is a long chain of polyvinyl chloride polymer.

3. Noun Phrase
Wait two hours for the painted polyvinyl chloride to dry.

4. Noun Phrase
PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe is a type of piping often used in plumbing applications.

2. chloride

noun. ['ˈklɔraɪd'] any compound containing a chlorine atom.


  • perchloride
  • bichloride
  • compound
  • aluminium chloride
  • aluminum chloride
  • stannic chloride
  • hemin
  • dichloride
  • methylene chloride
  • dichloromethane
  • mercurous chloride
  • calomel
  • chemical compound
  • obidoxime chloride
  • protohemin
  • silver chloride


  • take away
  • disassemble

3. chloride

noun. ['ˈklɔraɪd'] any salt of hydrochloric acid (containing the chloride ion).


  • Kaochlor
  • K-Dur 20
  • potash muriate
  • Klorvess
  • K-lor
  • K-lyte
  • potassium muriate
  • potassium chloride


  • smooth
  • simple
  • decrease
  • disintegrate