1. pollack

noun. ['ˈpɑːlək'] lean white flesh of North Atlantic fish; similar to codfish.


  • saltwater fish
  • Pollachius pollachius

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Rhymes with Pollack

  • zapalac
  • mccolloch
  • wollack
  • pollok
  • pollock
  • pollak
  • molock

Sentences with pollack

1. Noun, singular or mass
Haddock and cod generally fall into the same price range, along with whitefish and pollack.

2. Pollack

noun. United States filmmaker (born in 1934).

3. pollack

noun. ['ˈpɑːlək'] important food and game fish of northern seas (especially the northern Atlantic); related to cod.


  • gadoid fish
  • pollock
  • genus Pollachius
  • Pollachius pollachius
  • gadoid