1. plotted

adjective. ['ˈplɑːtəd, ˈplɑːtɪd'] planned in advance.


  • premeditated
  • planned


  • unplanned
  • unintended
  • impulsive

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Rhymes with Plotted

  • trotted
  • swatted
  • spotted
  • slotted
  • clotted
  • carotid
  • allotted
  • alloted
  • rotted
  • potted
  • knotted
  • jotted
  • dotted

Sentences with plotted

1. Verb, past participle
Link it to the first cell of the data to be plotted using the chart.

2. Adjective
It must be guaranteed that there are enough funds available to finance the plotted endeavors.

3. Verb, past tense
Excel automatically creates a chart with your word variables along the left and data plotted within the chart itself.