1. playground

noun. ['ˈpleɪˌgraʊnd, ˈpleɪˌgraʊn'] an area where many people go for recreation.


  • borsht belt
  • watering hole
  • borscht belt
  • resort
  • vacation spot
  • resort hotel
  • borsht circuit
  • borscht circuit
  • area
  • spa
  • country
  • holiday resort
  • resort area


  • stand still

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Rhymes with Playground

  • runaround

Sentences with playground

1. Noun, singular or mass
There are some drawbacks to using rubber mulch as a playground surface.

2. Adjective
The park also provides playground equipment, facilities for volleyball and roller hockey and an expansive skate park.

Quotes about playground

1. The true object of all human life is play. Earth is a task garden; heaven is a playground.
- Gilbert K. Chesterton

2. Look at a football field. It looks like a big movie screen. This is theatre. Football combines the strategy of chess. It's part ballet. It's part battleground, part playground. We clarify, amplify and glorify the game with our footage, the narration and that music, and in the end create an inspirational piece of footage.
- Steve Sabol

3. Mankind is nothing but a playground of consciousness.
- Debasish Mridha

2. playground

noun. ['ˈpleɪˌgraʊnd, ˈpleɪˌgraʊn'] yard consisting of an outdoor area for children's play.


  • teeter
  • sliding board
  • grounds
  • seesaw
  • dandle board
  • playground slide
  • teetertotter
  • teeter-totter
  • curtilage
  • tilting board
  • teeterboard
  • slide
  • yard


  • urban area
  • stay
  • inactivity
  • inactiveness