1. plagiarism

noun. ['ˈpleɪdʒɝˌɪzəm'] the act of plagiarizing; taking someone's words or ideas as if they were your own.


  • piracy
  • plagiarisation
  • plagiarization
  • copyright infringement


  • -ism (English)
  • plagiary (English)
  • plagiairus (Latin)

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How do you pronounce plagiarism?

Pronounce plagiarism as ˈpleɪʤərˌɪzəm.

US - How to pronounce plagiarism in American English

UK - How to pronounce plagiarism in British English

How do you spell plagiarism? Is it plagarism ?

A common misspelling of plagiarism is plagarism

Sentences with plagiarism

1. Noun, singular or mass
All of these are false and may lead to a plagiarism charge.

Quotes about plagiarism

1. Art is either plagiarism or revolution.
- Paul Gauguin

2. Ideas improve. The meaning of words participates in the improvement. Plagiarism is necessary. Progress implies it. It embraces an author's phrase, makes use of his expressions, erases a false idea, and replaces it with the right idea.
- Guy Debord

3. Inspiration vs. Plagiarism [10w] Inspiration is improving on another's idea;plagiarism is copy/paste piracy.
- Beryl Dov

2. plagiarism

noun. ['ˈpleɪdʒɝˌɪzəm'] a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work.


  • piece of writing
  • written material


  • -ism (English)
  • plagiary (English)
  • plagiairus (Latin)