1. pivotal

adjective. ['ˈpɪvətəl'] being of crucial importance.


  • polar
  • crucial


  • worthless
  • inessential
  • unimportant

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Rhymes with Pivotal

  • accidental
  • acquittal
  • anecdotal
  • anecdotal
  • antal
  • antle
  • apostol
  • aristotle
  • artiodactyl
  • austell
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Sentences with pivotal

1. Adjective
Differentiating between the two can be pivotal.

Quotes about pivotal

1. My mom taught me the power of love. I learned to focus on the long-term big picture from my father. His sense of humor and light-hearted approach always make me smile. My husband is a pivotal anchor in my life. His influence encourages me to be independent and take risks.
- Padmasree Warrior

2. Ask any successful person to look back over the events of his or her life, and chances are there'll be a turning point of one kind or another. It doesn't matter if that success has come on a ball field or in a boardroom, in a research laboratory or on a campaign trail - it can usually be traced to some pivotal moment.
- Bill Rancic

3. Hate. Huh. He'd never hated himself. If anything, he'd always liked himself a little too much. Once, a human female had even accused him of picturing his own face while he climaxed. He hadn't denied it, either, and next time he'd slept with her, he'd made sure to scream, "Strider"at the pivotal moment."--Strider, keeper of the demon of Defeat--
- Gena Showalter, The Darkest Secret