1. piston

noun. ['ˈpɪstən'] mechanical device that has a plunging or thrusting motion.


  • reciprocating engine
  • piston ring
  • mechanical device
  • piston rod


  • piston (French)
  • pestone (Italian)

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How do you pronounce piston?

Pronounce piston as ˈpɪstən.

US - How to pronounce piston in American English

UK - How to pronounce piston in British English

Sentences with piston

1. Noun, singular or mass
Place a small wire inside the piston's top to unseat the oil check ball.

2. Adjective
Bad valves require a valve job while piston rings require a rebuild.

2. Piston

noun. United States neoclassical composer (1894-1976).