1. phrasing

noun. ['ˈfreɪzɪŋ'] the grouping of musical phrases in a melodic line.


  • terseness

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Words that Rhyme with Phrasing

  • appraising
  • praising
  • grazing
  • glazing
  • blazing
  • blasing
  • amazing
  • razing
  • raising
  • phasing
  • hazing
  • gazing

Example sentences of the word phrasing

1. Noun, singular or mass
Write it with fresh phrasing instead, so your reader can better understand your point.

2. Verb, gerund or present participle
Different cultures may interpret language, idioms and phrasing differently.

Quotes containing the word phrasing

1. I discovered after going to music festivals that I am a rock fan. I love the guitars, the phrasing, and the abandon of rock fans.
- Beyonce Knowles

2. phrasing

noun. ['ˈfreɪzɪŋ'] the manner in which something is expressed in words.


  • verbalisation
  • verbiage
  • choice of words
  • verbalization
  • wording
  • formulation
  • expression
  • diction
  • phraseology


  • euphemism
  • misconstruction