1. periwinkle

noun. chiefly trailing poisonous plants with blue flowers.


  • Vinca minor
  • large periwinkle
  • Vinca major
  • subshrub
  • myrtle
  • suffrutex
  • genus Vinca

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2. periwinkle

noun. edible marine gastropod.


  • Littorina
  • seasnail
  • winkle

3. periwinkle

noun. small edible marine snail; steamed in wine or baked.


  • winkle

4. periwinkle

noun. commonly cultivated Old World woody herb having large pinkish to red flowers.


  • Cape periwinkle
  • herb
  • herbaceous plant
  • old maid
  • red periwinkle
  • rose periwinkle
  • cayenne jasmine
  • Vinca rosea
  • Catharanthus
  • Madagascar periwinkle
  • genus Catharanthus

Sentences with periwinkle

1. Noun, singular or mass
also called periwinkle or creeping myrtle, can save you plenty of time in a shady garden.

2. Noun, plural
Parakeets are naturally green in the wild but breeders have created almost every color and color combination imaginable including yellow, yellow and green, white, blue, albino, and even periwinkle.

3. Adjective
The best places to search for these tasty delicacies are near dead trees, in sandy soil and under periwinkle vines.