1. peewee

noun. ['ˈpiːˌwiː'] small olive-colored woodland flycatchers of eastern North America.


  • genus Contopus
  • pewee
  • peewit
  • Contopus virens
  • Contopus sordidulus
  • flycatcher
  • pewit
  • tyrant flycatcher
  • wood pewee
  • western wood pewee
  • New World flycatcher
  • tyrant bird

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Rhymes with Peewee

  • zewe

Sentences with peewee

1. Noun, singular or mass
Eggs are well known for being rich in protein, but they range in size from peewee to jumbo.

2. Adjective
The park has a rock crawling section, peewee track and mud bogs.

2. peewee

noun. ['ˈpiːˌwiː'] disparaging terms for small people.


  • small person
  • half-pint
  • shrimp