1. peeled

adjective. ['ˈpiːld'] (used informally) completely unclothed.


  • in the raw
  • stark naked
  • unclothed
  • in the buff
  • bare-assed
  • naked as a jaybird
  • bare-ass
  • in the altogether


  • cooked
  • painless
  • processed
  • covert

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Rhymes with Peeled

  • unconcealed
  • satterfield
  • congealed
  • concealed
  • unsealed
  • revealed
  • resealed
  • repealed
  • highyield
  • cofield
  • wheeled
  • appealed
  • afield
  • yield
  • wield
  • weild
  • shield
  • sealed
  • schield
  • reeled
  • nield
  • neild
  • neeld
  • heeled
  • healed
  • heald
  • field
  • feild

Sentences with peeled

1. Adjective
Cut the peeled potatoes in half and set them in a large mixing bowl.

2. Verb, past tense
Add whole, peeled potatoes and carrots as an optional vegetable addition to the yak roast.

3. Verb, past participle
Add 4 cups of sugar to 2 1/2 cups of peeled, crushed kiwifruit.

Quotes about peeled

1. He [Ranger] peeled my [Stephanie] clothes off and wrangled me into bed. And then suddenly he was inside me. He once told me that time spent with him would ruin me for all other men. When he said it, I thought it was an outrageous threat. I no longer though it outrageous.
- Janet Evanovich, Hard Eight

2. And I felt more like me than I ever had, as if the years I'd lived so far had formed layers of skin and muscle over myself that others saw as me when the real one had been underneath all along, and I knew writing- even writing badly- had peeled away those layers, and I knew then that if I wanted to stay awake and alive, if I wanted to stay me, I would have to keep writing.
- Andre Dubus III, Townie

3. He never reckoned much to schooling and that. He said you could learn most what was worth knowing from keeping your eyes and ears peeled. Best way of learning, he always said, was doing.
- Michael Morpurgo, Farm Boy