1. Bunyan

noun. a legendary giant lumberjack of the north woods of the United States and Canada.

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  • grunion
  • runyon
  • runyan
  • runnion
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2. Bunyan

noun. English preacher and author of an allegorical novel, Pilgrim's Progress (1628-1688).

3. Paul

noun. United States feminist (1885-1977).


  • Paulus (Latin)
  • paulus (Latin)

4. Paul

noun. (New Testament) a Christian missionary to the Gentiles; author of several Epistles in the New Testament; even though Paul was not present at the Last Supper he is considered an Apostle.


  • Saul
  • Saul of Tarsus
  • Paul the Apostle
  • Apostle of the Gentiles
  • St. Paul
  • Saint Paul


  • Paulus (Latin)
  • paulus (Latin)