1. Paul

noun. United States feminist (1885-1977).


  • Paulus (Latin)
  • paulus (Latin)

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Sentences with paul

1. Noun, singular or mass
Understanding the side effects of paul d’arco can help prevent unnecessary dangers associated with the supplement.

Quotes about paul

1. Today, I, too, wish to reaffirm that I intend to continue on the path toward improved relations and friendship with the Jewish people, following the decisive lead given by John Paul II.
- Pope Benedict XVI

2. I learned that the problems that we have are not solved by blaming somebody else, and that our hope is not in who governs us as a nation. It's not in Mitt Romney or Barack Obama or Ron Paul. Our hope is in the power of God and his gospel working in the hearts of people.
- Kirk Cameron

3. With actors like Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and Harrison Ford, what made them such icons is that even in dramatic movies, their characters had a sense of humor.
- Patrick Wilson

2. Paul

noun. (New Testament) a Christian missionary to the Gentiles; author of several Epistles in the New Testament; even though Paul was not present at the Last Supper he is considered an Apostle.


  • Saul
  • Saul of Tarsus
  • Paul the Apostle
  • Apostle of the Gentiles
  • St. Paul
  • Saint Paul


  • Paulus (Latin)
  • paulus (Latin)