1. patchouli

noun. a heavy perfume made from the patchouli plant.


  • patchouly
  • essence
  • pachouli


  • superior
  • deodorize
  • deodourise

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2. patchouli

noun. small East Indian shrubby mint; fragrant oil from its leaves is used in perfumes.


  • Pogostemon
  • genus Pogostemon
  • shrub
  • bush
  • Pogostemon cablin
  • pachouli

Sentences with patchouli

1. Noun, singular or mass
Users either place patchouli oils or leaves around the base of a green candle or hollow out and fill the bottom of a green candle with patchouli leaves.

2. Adjective
Put eight drops of patchouli essential oil in one tub of bathwater as another way to enjoy a softer application of this oil.

3. Noun, plural
The most popular magical uses for patchouli are the different money spells.

4. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Legend has it that Saturn, the god of hard-earned gains and limitations, governs patchouli, and all spells should be cast on Saturday, the day of Saturn.