1. pastime

noun. ['ˈpæˌstaɪm'] a diversion that occupies one's time and thoughts (usually pleasantly).


  • hobby
  • spare-time activity
  • recreation
  • avocation
  • by-line
  • diversion
  • pursuit
  • interest


  • inactivity
  • bore
  • uninteresting
  • interesting


  • passe tyme (Middle English (1100-1500))
  • passe-temps (Middle French (ca. 1400-1600))

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Rhymes with Pastime

  • airtime
  • alltime
  • anytime
  • bedtime
  • centime
  • christmastime
  • daytime
  • dinnertime
  • downtime
  • everytime
  • flextime
  • fulltime
  • funtime
  • halftime
  • lifetime
  • longtime
  • lunchtime
  • maritime
  • mealtime
  • meantime

How do you spell pastime? Is it pasttime ?

A common misspelling of pastime is pasttime

Sentences with pastime

1. Noun, singular or mass
Settling down to enjoy a good book is a favorite pastime for many Americans.

Quotes about pastime

1. I'm old-fashioned and think that reading books is the most glorious pastime that humankind has yet devised.
- Wisława Szymborska, Nonrequired Reading

2. Dreams, books, are each a world; and books, we know,Are a substantial world, both pure and good:Round these, with tendrils strong as flesh and blood,Our pastime and our happiness will grow.
- William Wordsworth

3. I like watching people stretch in the park. It's my new favorite pastime since I bought a portable rack.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE