1. parental

adjective. ['pɝˈɛntəl'] relating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent.


  • paternal


  • patriarchal
  • paternal


  • parentalis (Latin)
  • parens (Latin)

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Rhymes with Parental

  • transcontinental
  • intergovernmental
  • intercontinental
  • pancontinental
  • nongovernmental
  • unsentimental
  • transcendental
  • environmental
  • developmental
  • compartmental
  • instrumental
  • departmental
  • coincidental
  • temperamental
  • supplemental
  • monumental
  • incremental
  • governmental
  • fundamental
  • experimental
  • detrimental
  • continental
  • sentimental
  • regimental
  • ornamental
  • occidentale
  • occidental
  • incidental
  • accidental
  • judgmental

Sentences with parental

1. Adjective
The breakdown of the parental relationship does not change the fact that he is the child's father.

2. Noun, singular or mass
The new suite of features is called Family Safety Mode, and it includes three parental control options.

Quotes about parental

1. I resent the fact that a parental warning sticker has to be included on an album as cover art. To me that's censorship.
- Jeff Buckley

2. I mean what else is there for a woman to do if she doesn't want to go from the parental to the marital home with nothing in between? 'An educated woman,'Millie amended. 'An educated woman,' Ursula agreed.
- Kate Atkinson, Life After Life