1. pampas

noun. ['ˈpæmpəz'] the vast grassy plains of northern Argentina.


  • Argentina

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Words that Rhyme with Pampas

  • tampa's

Example sentences of the word pampas

1. Noun, singular or mass
Check for other entrances to the building that do not sit by the pampas grass.

2. Adjective
Even walking by pampas grass can give you a case of the sneezes or worse.

Quotes containing the word pampas

1. Soon enough his head would be swimming with tales of derring-do and high adventure, tales of beautiful maidens kissed, of evildoers shot with pistols or fought with swords, of bags of gold, of diamonds as big as the tip of your thumb, of lost cities and of vast mountains, of steam-trains and clipper ships, of pampas, oceans, deserts, tundra.
- Neil Gaiman