1. paddy

noun. ['ˈpædi'] rice in the husk either gathered or still in the field.


  • padi (Malay (macrolanguage))

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How do you pronounce paddy?

Pronounce paddy as ˈpædi.

US - How to pronounce paddy in American English

UK - How to pronounce paddy in British English

2. paddy

noun. ['ˈpædi'] an irrigated or flooded field where rice is grown.


  • rice paddy
  • field


  • padi (Malay (macrolanguage))

Sentences with paddy

1. Noun, singular or mass
Although these fish can survive in rice paddy puddles and are sold in small containers, they typically have the best colors and optimal health when housed in tanks that hold at least 10 gallons.

2. Adjective
The compost can be made of easily obtained local materials and one simple mix is a base of paddy straw mixed with cow dung.