1. overwork

verb. ['ˌoʊvɝˈwɝːk'] use too much.


  • work on
  • process


  • inaction
  • evolution
  • increment

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Rhymes with Overwork

  • magouirk
  • leclerc
  • deklerk
  • declerque
  • declerk
  • declercq
  • declerck
  • rework
  • mcgurk
  • mcguirk
  • berserk
  • sturc
  • sterk
  • smirk
  • quirke
  • quirk
  • klerk
  • clerk
  • clercq
  • clerc
  • bjerke
  • zirk
  • yerke
  • werke
  • werk
  • turk
  • turck
  • sirk
  • shirk
  • sherk

Sentences with overwork

1. Noun, singular or mass
During this period of overwork, excessive heat is generated, resulting in an overheated chest freezer.

2. Verb, base form
Also, try to keep the tool moving and not to overwork the metal.

3. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Distance runners often overwork their muscles and bones to push themselves to run greater distances.

4. Preposition or subordinating conjunction
Start with light weights to ensure you don’t overwork your muscles and allow adequate rest between workouts.

Quotes about overwork

1. Fatigue can make it hard to have faith. Too much busyness can make it hard to have faith. Too much of too little solitude can impact faith. For that matter, so can a bout of hunger or overwork, anything carried to an extreme. Faith thrives on routine. Look at any monastery and you will see that. Faith keeps on keeping on.
- Julia Cameron, Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance

2. overwork

noun. ['ˌoʊvɝˈwɝːk'] the act of working too much or too long.


  • toil
  • labour
  • overworking


  • idle
  • inactivity
  • fail
  • malfunction

3. overwork

verb. ['ˌoʊvɝˈwɝːk'] work excessively hard.


  • exploit
  • overdrive
  • put to work


  • reversible process
  • decrease
  • increase
  • decrement