Oversimplify Past Tense

The past tense of Oversimplify is oversimplified.

1. oversimplify

verb. ['oʊvɝˈsɪmplɪˌfaɪ'] make too simple.


Rhymes with Oversimplify

  • beautify
  • fortify
  • gentrify
  • mortify
  • overqualify
  • unclassify
  • vilify
  • yuppify

Sentences with oversimplify

1. Verb, base form
Flowcharts tend to oversimplify these processes in order to make it easier for people to understand.

2. oversimplify

verb. ['oʊvɝˈsɪmplɪˌfaɪ'] simplify to an excessive degree.