1. overnight

adjective. ['ˈoʊvɝˈnaɪt'] lasting, open, or operating through the whole night.


  • all-night
  • nightlong


  • improvident
  • unretentive
  • unmindful

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Rhymes with Overnight

  • overnite

Sentences with overnight

1. Noun, singular or mass
For longer cooking methods, soak the oak in water overnight and place the damp wood on the coals.

2. Adjective
Massage onto a clean face before bed and allow to soak overnight.

Quotes about overnight

1. One press account said I was an overnight success. I thought that was the longest night I've ever spent.
- Sandra Cisneros

2. It takes 20 years to make an overnight success.
- Eddie Cantor

3. Anyone who wants to sell you overnight success or wealth is not interested in your success; they are interested in your money.
- Bo Bennett