1. ornery

adjective. ['ˈɔrnɝi'] having a difficult and contrary disposition.


  • crotchety
  • ill-natured


  • docile
  • pleasant
  • nature

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How do you pronounce ornery?

Pronounce ornery as ˈɔrnəri.

US - How to pronounce ornery in American English

UK - How to pronounce ornery in British English

How to spell ornery? Is it oneri? Or hornery? Common misspellings are:

  • oneri
  • hornery

Sentences with ornery

1. Noun, singular or mass
Bulls used then were simply those that displayed ornery personalities and had the propensity to buck.

2. Adjective
Tents, motorcycles and "ornery campers" are not allowed.

3. Adverb
To handle wiggly or ornery adult cats, enlist another person's help.

Quotes about ornery

1. Don’t make a feller wait too long. A feller waiting on a gal can get ornery’er than a huntin’ dog that’s tree’d it’s squirrel.
- Colleen Houck

2. I suppose she's right. It's like a metaphor for life: No one wants an ornery old goat, but we can't resist opening the door ayway. We can't keep from hoping.
- Lauren Myracle, Bliss

3. My Sweet Home, Alabama If it grows, it sticks, if it crawls, it bites,if it's outside, it rusts,if it's ornery, it fights,if it's a dawg, it barks.if its a possum, it feignsif it's a buggy, it squeals,if it's winter, it's summer,If it's slimy, it's eels.If it ain't Dixie, it won't do,so let's fix to get piss drunkand lynch us another nigger and Jew.
- Beryl Dov