1. ordained

adjective. ['ɔrˈdeɪnd'] invested with ministerial or priestly functions.


  • consecrated
  • dedicated


  • elective
  • unfurnished
  • unassigned

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Rhymes with Ordained

  • unconstrained
  • self-contained
  • unrestrained
  • unexplained
  • constrained
  • restrained
  • explained
  • complained
  • untrained
  • unstained
  • sustained
  • retrained
  • refrained
  • maintained
  • ingrained
  • entertained
  • disdained
  • contained
  • campaigned
  • ascertained
  • abstained
  • strained
  • sprained
  • retained
  • remained
  • regained
  • pertained
  • obtained
  • detained
  • trained

Sentences with ordained

1. Adjective
They are ordained ministers, although typically they do not preach to a congregation directly.

2. Verb, past participle
She is ordained in the presence of at least five nuns and five monks on the same day.

3. Verb, past tense
Become ordained in your denomination.

Quotes about ordained

1. In this life struggle, here I am among you fully cognizant that a true believer has no fear of what God has ordained for him. Those who are visited by fear live only for their present, under the illusion that the world began with them and will end with their departure.
- King Hussein I

2. Adapt yourself to the things among which your lot has been cast and love sincerely the fellow creatures with whom destiny has ordained that you shall live.
- Marcus Aurelius

3. Have you ever thought what a God would be like who actually ordained and executed the cruelty that is in [the biblical Book of Revelation]? A holocaust of mankind. Yet so many of these Bible-men accept the idea without a second thought.
- C.J. Sansom, Revelation

2. ordained

adjective. ['ɔrˈdeɪnd'] fixed or established especially by order or command.


  • decreed
  • settled
  • prescribed


  • uninhabited
  • stormy
  • arbitrary
  • informal