1. optimize

verb. ['ˈɑːptɪˌmaɪz'] modify to achieve maximum efficiency in storage capacity or time or cost.


  • modify


  • underact
  • fail

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Rhymes with Optimize

  • economize
  • economize
  • epitomize
  • itemize
  • maximize
  • minimize
  • randomize

Sentences with optimize

1. Verb, base form
Determine where expenses could be lessened and revenue could be increased to optimize sales.

Quotes about optimize

1. When you optimize your talents very well, you can pick money from people's pockets and nobody will ever get the guts to call you a thief.
- Israelmore Ayivor

2. Discover a purpose that gives you passion. Develop a plan that makes you persistent. Design a preparation and motivates you to optimize your potentials. Do it because you love it!
- Israelmore Ayivor, Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

2. optimize

verb. ['ˈɑːptɪˌmaɪz'] make optimal; get the most out of; use best.


  • hone
  • perfect


  • fall short of
  • stay in place
  • unmake

3. optimize

verb. ['ˈɑːptɪˌmaɪz'] act as an optimist and take a sunny view of the world.


  • behave
  • optimise
  • do


  • discontinue
  • refrain
  • activity
  • inactivity